Frequently Asked Questions


Do you use subcontractors?

Yes. We do use sub-contractors in certain large scale or unique situations. These professionals have been hand picked by us and are the best in their trade. While we can complete most of your projects in house it is impossible to equip ourselves with the tools and efficiency of every trade in the construction industry. Some examples of these areas include extensive plumbing and electrical.


Will you cut costs by using a lower grade material?

No. You can always be assured a professional job with quality materials. There are too many negative long-term effects of using a lower grade material, which may cost the customer more money in the end.


Do you provide free estimates?

Yes. Our estimates are always free of charge regardless of the size of your project.


Do you design home additions?

No. We will design small projects and decks, however the experience and creativity of designing home additions is best left to our very own hand-picked professional architects. If they can draw it, we can build it.


Can you give us a ballpark estimate the same day you look at our project?

Maybe. However, because of the nature of remodeling most projects are usually unique situations that require time to give a more accurate estimate.

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